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Premier Platform Lifts offer you total lift solutions. We are a ISO 9001:2008 accredited company and have an extensive range of lifts to meet your needs. All of our lifts comply with the Equality Act, the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act), Part M of the Building Regulations, EN 81-41 and Machinery Directive 2006/42/E.   Read more

Choosing The Right Lift Company

Our product portfolio includes the all new ECO700 Machine Roomless, belt driven pitless Passenger Lift and the innovative Passenger42 by Gruppo Millepiani both certified to the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. With our comprehensive range of disabled Platform Lifts we carry out installations in both public and private buildings, we also provide Home Lift solutions with our VPL400 , ECO600H andECO700H products. Our lifts are uniquely designed to enhance and blend in with their surroundings using innovative design and styling.


All our Platform Lifts are specifically designed for easy use, and with low pit and low headroom, they fit into existing buildings with minimum disruption. Our new ECO700 and Passenger42 both have sliding conventional lift doors with one touch operation offering the perfect Platform Lift solution.

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Luxury Lifts

Our new Luxury Lift range in partnership with Gruppo Millepiani offers you the chance to really spoil yourself with cutting edge technology and design.

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Platform Lifts

DDA and Part M compliant Platform Lifts that solve all disabled access issues

Machinery Directive Passenger Lifts

DDA and Part M compliant Passenger Platform Lifts with Telescopic doors

Home Lifts

Exceptional Home Lifts for your specific personal access requirements

Bespoke Lifts

Custom Bespoke Lift solutions for prestigious locations, tailored to your exact specifications

Passenger Lifts

Our range of Passenger lifts either Hydraulic or Traction. lifts with infinite possibilities

Step & Inclined Lifts

DDA and Part M compliant low rise & inclined Platform Lifts suitable for a rise of upto 3m and Staircases

Goods/Service Lifts

Robust, cost effective and simple to use, in a wide range of loads from 5kg to 20,000kg

Glass/Scenic lifts

Fully glazed for a scenic experience for prestigious locations, tailored to your exact specifications

Eco Platform Lifts